Carlos Sainz en los test de pretemporada
Feb 27, 2018

Carlos Sainz fights the winter with 65 laps in the Renault R.S.18

Freezing temperatures prevented him from running as usual, but he made himself comfortable with the new car

Montmeló, February 27th 2017.- Carlos Sainz completed 65 laps at the wheel of the Renault R.S.18 in the second day of winter testing at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, which is almost like covering the entire racing distance of the Spanish Grand Prix. It was a peculiar day for Carlos, as air temperature didn’t rise beyond 4ºC and drivers didn’t find the conditions they needed to push the limits.

Carlos’ program was all about putting mileage on the car and trying to warm-up the tyres to get a feel of his brand-new car, at the same time that he made himself comfortable to the configuration of the steering-wheel and the seat.
Carlos was happy at the end of the day. "It wasn’t a normal test. Laps, laps and more laps. With a track-temperature of 5ºC it is impossible to replicate the conditions we will find in Melbourne, so it’s really difficult to learn anything. But it was positive for me to do 65 laps. It was positive to put some mileage and train my neck-muscles a bit and make myself comfortable with the new seat. I changed a bit the pedals, some details of the steering… It was like a super long shakedown".

Track-conditions were very special. "This freezing weather is just unbelievable. You leave the pit on the soft tyre and you try your best to warm-it, but then you see snow, yellow and red stripped flags… I had never experienced this in Barcelona".

"We were unlucky with the weather, but Barcelona is never like this. We still have six days remaining. Weather should be ok for next week, so we look forward to completing our program", Carlos concluded.

Winter testing will continue tomorrow at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, and Carlos will share driving duties with his teammate Nico Hülkenberg. Forecasts predict freezing temperatures, colder than the ones seen today. It could snow during the winter season. You will be able to follow Carlos’ progress via his official website