Feb 26, 2021

Carlos Sainz, officially introduced as driver of Scuderia Ferrari

The SF21 will be launched on the 10th of March

Maranello, 26th February 2021 – Carlos Sainz took part today in the Team Launch of the Scuderia Ferrari ahead of the 2021 Formula 1 season, in which was his first public appearance in front of the Tifosi as an official race driver of the most successful team in the history of this sport.

Carlos paid his first visit to Maranello in December of 2020. He has been in touch with his engineers ever since as they all prepare together for this new challenge. His preparation included a test in Fiorano with the SF71H of 2018 and another day at Jerez de la Frontera at the wheel of the SF90 of 2019, in which he ran on Pirelli’s experimental 18-inch tyres.

This Friday, the Spanish driver introduced himself in public and said he was eager to take part in the effort that Ferrari will put as the team tries to improve in the 2021 Championship. Carlos accepted this new challenge with a sense of responsibility and said he was aware of the importance of his new team and the passion of its fans.


"It is an important moment. We want to bring Ferrari back to the top and the entire team is aware of the fact that helping Ferrari move forward is ultimately the most important thing. If there is one year I think we have to work together, it is this one. When there is a World Championship at stake, only then we will be able to worry more about each other".

"As a driver, I take a lot of pride in signing for this team and it is also a great responsibility. Ferrari is the most successful team in history. It is also a team that generates passion all around the world with the Tifosi and we will give our best to make them proud".

"So far, the thing I have enjoyed the most is the test I have done at Fiorano. It was a special day and I could feel that the circuit, the place, had something special about them".

"As soon as the results start to show, I think there will be great momentum within the team. When that happens, we will all feel even more excited about the future".

The Ferrari SF21, Carlos Sainz’s and Charles Leclerc’s car for the 2021 Formula 1 season, will be launched on the 10th of March.