Carlos Sainz Estrella Galicia
Sep 16, 2019

Carlos Sainz, Estrella Galicia and McLaren, together in Madrid: "We are in our sweetest moment to date since 2013"

The Spaniard held a press conference before travelling to Singapore

Madrid, September 16th 2019.- Carlos Sainz met with the Spanish media in an event organized by his sponsor Estrella Galicia 0,0.

The Spaniard answered the questions of the journalists together with José Cabanas, CMO at Estrella Galicia 0,0, and Dan McEwan, head of Partnerships at McLaren F1.

The press conference was held in Madrid just a few hours before the Spaniard got on the plane that will take him to Singapore, where this weekend he will be racing in the fifteenth round of the Formula One season.

Seventh in the Drivers’ Championship, Carlos faces the closing stages of the calendar willing to strengthen McLaren’s progress in what has been an excellent year for the team. 

The Spaniard had a few words for his sponsor. "I have been part of the Estrella Galicia family since 2013 and we are in our sweetest moment to date. The relationship we’ve created together with McLaren and Estrella Galicia is unique: they are to very similar companies, with a shared passion and a very similar approach to tradition. We want to continue growing together, getting better each day and trusting that soon we’ll be have more important things to celebrate".

José Cabanas, Chief Marketing Officer, highlighted Estrella Galicia’s trust in the Spaniard. "We have believed in Carlos from the very first minute and we will continue doing so wherever he leads us. We are going through a very good moment and we want to enjoy it. I think success will come in our way in the future, because, as Carlos said and McLaren has confirmed to us, they are working to improve. We have good expectations for the years ahead".

Dan McEwan, Head of Partnerships at McLaren F1, felt happy about the "shared vision" with Estrella Galicia 0,0. "Our two companies share a same vision and work together in this partnership. It is great to have Estrella Galicia in our team, growing together globally. This is one of the benefits of being in Formula One, the fact that you get to go to 21 markets all around the globe".

Carlos also expressed his satisfaction about the progress McLaren has done so far this season.

"We want more, because we are not here to be fourth in the Championship. We want to continue our progress, both as a team and as a brand. We know there’s a long road ahead, but the first half of the season has been really positive. The team is starting to be where it should, but it needs time. Since Azerbaijan we have scored some really good results that have put us in a very good position in the Championship, maybe even a little bit ahead of the goals we had set for ourselves".

Talking about the upcoming Singapore Grand Prix, the driver hopes McLaren fights to strengthen his lead over the midfield pack.

"I have always scored good points in Singapore. It could be a good circuit for us. Our goal is to be the fourth team, which would mean finishing the race in seventh and eighth place with both cars, and then wait and see if some of the cars ahead do a mistake. If it rains, it will be an unpredictable race and we may be able to fight for bigger things".

The driver said he felt happy knowing that his season is being recognized both by professional media and fans alike, who place him among the three best drivers of the year.

"You are happy when you know that you are being appreciated, that they are putting you in the Top 3 of the season. It is the consequence of the hard work, of going in the right direction as a team and finding in McLaren a home where I can exploit my potential. The first part of the year was really good and I want the trend to continue in the second part, so we will continue working humbly, one race at a time".

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