Jun 11, 2016

The Wall of Champions takes its toll on Carlos Sainz in the Qualifing for the Canadian GP

The driver from Scuderia Toro Rosso touches the barriers in Q2

Montreal, June 11th 2016.- Carlos Sainz didn't finish the Canadian Qualifying session the way he intended. He knew beforehand it wouldn't be easy at all, but the driver from Scuderia Toro Rosso caressed the wall during his first Q2 timed-lap and that ended his possibilities of fighting for a spot among the Top 10. The Spaniard will start the race from the 15th place of the grid.

Carlos had detected the track limits straight from the first phase, as his first lap only gave him the 14th spot and he decided together with his team to go out again on a brand new set of ultrasoft tyres. He then established a 1'14"714, which was enough to move up to ninth and secure his access to the following round.

Under a cloudy sky and in cold conditions (15ºC air, 21ºC track), Carlos started his work straight from the beginning of Q2. His first sector times were good indeed, but he rubbed the famous Wall of Champions at the last chicane with his rear-end. The front-end of his car bounced back towards the inside and crashed into the wall. With a damaged car, it was impossible to continue and he had to settle with the 16th place of the standings.

Tomorrow, the Spaniard from Toro Rosso won't start from 16th but from 15th, as his teammate Daniil Kvyat received a penalty at the Monaco GP. He will start behind Carlos.
These were Carlos thoughts after stepping out of his STR11:

"The touch against the wall was an error of mine, I went to the limit. In a track like this you know walls are very close and the smallest mistake can send you against the barriers. I saw from Q1 that we were lacking rhythm to make it to Q3. I tried to compensate it with an extra effort from me, but I went a little too far and I touched the wall".

His description of the accident: "I touched the wall with the rear end, but this weekend I had already touched it a couple of times before and usually nothing happens and you can carry on. Obviously it's not the ideal, but normally nothing happens. But that touch sent my front-end to the inside and then I was a passenger, because your right wheel crashes and you can't handle the car".

Thinking about the race, Carlos says he "wouldn't mind if it rains, as I always say". If the race is on dry conditions, this is how he prepares for the challenge: "Starting from the bottom you have several strategic options, but we are a little bit too far. We'll have to overtake many cars if we want to make it to the points. It's also true that Q3 was very difficult. I tried to give that extra bit, just as I'll try tomorrow, but you expose yourself to a mistake like the one in Q2", he concluded.

The Canadian Grand Prix will start tomorrow at 14:00 local time, 20:00 Spanish time. We will follow it closely from www.carlosainz.es and from our Twitter account @carlosainzinfo.