Feb 7, 2016

The rear-end of the chassis, key of the new Toro Rosso STR11

The incorporation of the Ferrari engine forces substantial changes in the chassis

The new Toro Rosso STR11, the car that Carlos Sainz will drive for the 2016 Formula One season, has successfully passed the FIA crash-tests. Everything goes according to the plan for the winter tests, which will kick off on February 22nd in the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya with the Spanish driver behind the wheel on the first day.

One of the biggest changes of the new car will be found at the rear end of the chassis, as oro Rosso will no longer use Renault engines but Ferrari's. Beyond the effects that this change will have in terms of performance, it has already affected the design of the new car because both Power Units differ in size and mechanical needs.

James Key, technical director of the team, has revealed that everyone in Faenza starred in awe as they got to know the secrets of the Ferrari V6 Turbo engine. They already knew it was faster than the one they ran with the STR10, but they didn't know the details of its design. This surprise has given them more confidence ahead of the new season.

"In 2015, our chassis was quite effective and our main problem was related to the power unit. Only now, knowing the characteristics of the Ferrari engine, we realize how far behind we were in this aspect", he explained in an interview with the Italian magazine Autosprint, where he also gave some interesting details about this transition.

"Compared to the Renault, not only its size and configuration were different, but also the characteristics of the cooling system and electronics. We had to re-do the rear of the chassis. Because of the features of the new power unit, it was not easy so easy to place in the car".

While the engineers work hard at the factory, Carlos Sainz does the same with his training program. On Thursday he finished the training camp in Palma de Mallorca, where he worked with Red Bull triathlete Mario Mola. "What a four days training camp has been. My legs can't even jump me out of the bed, but I will do it even if its crawling!", he joked via social media. Before arriving to his home in London, he went to Recas, Toledo, to drive a 125 cc KZ2 kart.