Nov 30, 2016

Team bosses include Carlos Sainz in Autosport’s Top 10 drivers of the year

The Spaniard is the only new addition to the 2016 edition of the prestigious poll

Madrid, November 30th 2016.- Formula 1 team bosses have chosen the ten best drivers of the year in the traditional annual poll of British magazine Autosport. Carlos is the one and only new addition to the list, a true recognition to his work throughout the 2016 season.

Carlos is also the only Top 10 finisher who didn’t make it to the Top 10 in the Drivers’ Championship, so the team boss vote valued and applauded his work and performance on track. He scored 46 points and doubled his rookie year stats. He achieved three P6 both in Qualifying and in race condition, truly unusual performances for a Toro Rosso. The team finished the Constructors’ with 67 points in total. Only 21 weren’t from Carlos.

The voting process is secret and anonymous, so the team bosses can express their honest views without fearing that they personal opinion will be exposed. The point system is the same as the one used in Formula 1 races. The eleven team bosses took part in the poll.

Carlos himself recognized he felt happy with his performance this season. He said the following on Thursday at Abu Dhabi.
"I think I’ve done very few mistakes this year, I can be really proud of that. I’m very happy with my 2016 and next year things can only get better. I feel I am a totally different driver to the one I was in 2015, both in terms of results and feelings. And the feeling that I’m getting now in F1 is very different to the one I had at the end of 2015. I’m very proud of that, because that’s what I wanted".