Jan 31, 2016

Sainz changes his training program to prepare for the new season

With the experience he gained in 2015, he has changed his physical preparation to improve as a driver

Carlos Sainz was one of the big names of the 2015 season, his debut year in Formula One with Scuderia Toro Rosso. Now 2015 is history and the Spaniard looks ahead willing to improve the results he scored on track. As always, he faces this new challenge fearless and confident.

In an interview with the official site of Toro Rosso, Sainz has revealed some details of his life on and off the track. For him, 2015 was a learning year and he understood how hard it is to compete in a sport whose calendar is so long and demanding. Now he counts the days to the Australian Grand Prix.

"I think I learned how difficult it is to give always your 100% in every race weekend, throughout the whole season. This year there are even more races on the calendar, so my training plan is aimed to improve my performance, race by race. I expect a long but fun Championship ahead, where I will make the most of all what I learned last year and I'm sure that we will make a step forward in terms of performance. It will be a challenging season but that doesn't scare me at all... Let's not forget that I'm living the dream of my life!

With nineteen races already on his back, Carlos has now changed his training routine to keep the optimum physical momentum. The core of this new program consists of cardio, strength workouts and karting.

"This year my program has changed a bit compared to 2015. It generally has three different parts: cardio, strength and specific training. For the cardio exercise I do triathlons (swim, bike, run), to improve my strength I train at the gym and for the specific training I go karting. On average I train three times a day, even though there are days when I do two or even only one to recover energy" .

"I wake up at 7 am. My first training session of the day is usually swimming, before having a big breakfast. Immediately after that I always spend a bit of time reading emails or making a few phone calls. Around noon, it's time to go karting at a track near home. This is a very physically demanding workout, but it's what I need to prepare myself in the best way possible for the season ahead. I go back home for lunch and later in the afternoon I go to the gym for specific strength training".

Carlos also takes care of his diet. "My diet goes hand in hand with my training program. Of course, I follow a very strict diet in order to have the optimum weight to face the new season. Let's say that my biggest meal is always at breakfast time, while dinner is always very light".

Formula One is a demanding environment. Although he is only 21 years old, he doesn't have much spare time to enjoy with his friends and family as the vast majority of people from his generation do. But when he does have that time, he likes to go on vacations, play football, read about motorsport or just go to restaurants.

"Until December 23rd I was very busy, but then I went back home to Madrid to spend some days with my family. Together with them and a few friends we went skiing in the Pyrenees. It was nice to be able to relax for a few days and spend some time all together".