Feb 10, 2016

James Key praises Carlos Sainz and his race management

Toro Rosso’s Technical Director highlights his planning ability inside the cockpit

19 Grand Prix in his Formula 1 debut season have been the first proof of Carlos Sainz skills in the pinnacle of motorsport. Mechanical problems apart, two of the Spaniard skills have specially stood out this season: his qualifying speed and his excellent race management.

About this, Toro Rosso's Technical Director James Key, thinks Carlos knows how to handle different aspects of racing such as tyre management or how to evaluate the rivals' strategies and make decisions with the given data and without damaging his pure speed on a flying lap.

For the British, those skills give Carlos an advantage on the crucial parts of the race, because he looks for the best final result and aims way beyond any given battle on track, something that Key believes is less common on his team-mate Max Verstappen.

"Carlos is much more disciplined when it comes to managing the situation. He thinks a lot about what he is doing, about what could happen. 'Is it right to push now or do I need to wait, take care of the tyres and give everything later?'. He thinks a little bit more and maybe as a result he is slightly less aggressive, but during the race he always have a long term plan on mind", he explained on an interview with British TV Sky Sports.