Carlos Sainz YouTube
Oct 23, 2019

Carlos Sainz starts his own YouTube channel

His first video hits 100,000 views as the second one goes online

Madrid, October 23rd 2019.- Carlos Sainz has started his own YouTube channel with his first video hitting 100,000 views just ahead of the release of the second one, which is online as of today.

This is a personal project of the McLaren driver, who wants to bring fans closer to his day to day life in Formula 1 with exclusive content. The audience will be able to experience an unprecedented access, way beyond what is achievable for traditional media.

The first video follows Carlos along the Sunday of the German GP. It starts in the early morning with his work-out routine at the hotel and ends with the race and the Spaniard's reaction to it, with mixed emotions since he had scored a good result but still missed a podium finish. He expresses his emotions as they come, something impossible to grab for the TV cameras.

This production is part of the DONTBLINK by Carlos Sainz series, which will feature up to two videos per month to showcase his intense lifestyle. The second video immortalises an exclusive track-day with classic single-seaters at the Circuito de Navarra in company of Zak Brown and Carlos Sainz Sr. In the third one, the Spaniard will go skiing.

Carlos offers his content both to Formula 1 enthusiasts and casual fans alike, people who may not be experts in the series but still feel genuine curiosity about the sport, always with an unprecedented degree of complicity between the driver and the spectators.


"I have long wanted to do something for the fans, just so they can get to know me better as a person and as a competitor. As a Formula 1 driver I am used to being under the spotlight of the TV cameras from the moment I walk in the paddock. The fans know me from what I say in front of the microphones and for my performances on track. I think this new channel brings me the opportunity to go one step further and connect with them on another level".