May 12, 2016

Carlos Sainz: "With the same speed and better results, my chance may come"

He believes that with the new situation of the team it's feasible to archieve fifth place in the Constructors'

Barcelona, May 12th 2016.- Clear blue skies covered the Circuit the Barcelona-Catalunya as the track enjoyed the first day of preparations for the Spanish GP. For drivers this first day meant engineering meetings, but also press interviews and press conferences.

Carlos Sainz was one of the chosen ones by the FIA to take part in the official press conference, where he expressed his views from his home Grand Prix about the latest news within his team.

"The goal is still to do the best job possible, to fight so they give me the opportunity. It's kind of like when I was in the World Series: I have to do my job so they can decide weather they promote me or not. When I was there they asked me to win and in the end it all came together and I ended up in Toro Rosso".

"I appreciate what Red Bull is going quite a lot, that is to put young talent into a Formula One team. As soon as you do a good job they show you the confidence, they give you the chance and now it’s my time to fight more than ever for that. I have, as Dany said, 17 races ahead to give the maximum out of myself, to fight for my chance as much as I can. I’m sure that if I show the same speed I have now with a bit better results my chance can come".

Carlos respects a lot his new team mate, Daniil Kvyat: "We must not forget that Daniil comes from a podium and from beating in points Ricciardo himself, he won't make things easy for me; that doesn't mean we will not try to create a good environment within the team so it helps us, that's the principal thing and what James Key and Franz Tost ask us: points and more points to end P5 in the Championship, that's what we both need, both Toro Rosso and Red Bull".

A step forward in team spirit may help the team:  "I fully trust on what Toro Rosso and Red Bull have decided to do and I think it’s for the best of the team, for the best of the engineers, the personnel in there and already you can see some refreshment in the faces. I’m convinced it will just go on better. To have Daniil we can probably fight now for the P5 in the championship that was the main target since the beginning of the season".

The Spaniard made it very clear that his relationship with Max Verstappen is good even though their rivalry on track. "I think the personal relationship Max and I have is not a big issue honestly. I think we both always maintain the respect off the track and I think we showed it at every moment. I think it’s more a matter of a team perspective of how the team was working and that’s where Franz Tost and Helmut Marko take the decision. But from Max and myself there was always respect, there was always good vibes with each other. Obviously we were fighting a lot on track, we were always very close to each other and there were always some battles going on but they stayed at the track and out there it was just a matter of engineering, of just not being a comfortable team and that’s why they decided to take this decision internally".

Tomorrow will mark the beginning of the Free Practice sessions for the Spanish GP, in which we'll finally see the cars on track.

Thanks to Red Bull Spain, the G-Grandstand of the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya will transform into the Carlos Sainz 55 Grandstand starting from tomorrow. Carlos' fans will meet there and the driver himself will visit them on Saturday at 3:40pm, after the Qualifying session. If you want to join the grandstand, you still have time even though there are very few tickets left. You can access the offer here: