May 22, 2017

Carlos Sainz sponsors Kiciclos, a new tricycle for sick kids

The driver financed the production of the very first units

Madrid, May 22th 2017.- Carlos Sainz visited today the Hospital 12 de Octubre, where he presented the special tricycle Kiciclo, which will allow kids to enjoy better mobility within the hospital, even if they receive intravenous medical care.
Carlos attended the presentation of this unique vehicle, which will help sick kids while receiving treatment, with the advantages that this can have not only for their muscular mass but also for their spirits. "It is an honour for me to help such a beautiful and useful initiative for kids that are receiving medical serum treatments. I hope Kiciclos will help them deal with their illness".

The tricycle, called ‘Kiciclo’, is an initiative promoted by the Fundación Juegaterapia –Foundation Playtherapy-, in collaboration with Hospital 12 de Octubre and Bicis Otero, the company responsible for the design and production of the prototype, which is essentially a tricycle with a vertical pole and some stands for the medical serums.

The Health Councillor of the Community of Madrid, Jesús Sánchez Martos, highlighted the importance that playing and having fun havev among kids in medical care.

Among the participants were also Pablo Ibáñez –better known as Man In Black from TV-show 'El Hormiguero'- as the honorific president of Juegaterapia and Monica Esteban, president of the foundation.

Curiously, the Kiciclo is an invention derived from the real scenes lived in the hospital, as it was very common to see the little kids in hospital on serum stands as if they were a vehicle with wheels and their families pushing them as if they were drivers.