Sep 19, 2019

Carlos Sainz in Singapore: "The next races will be decisive for the Championship"

The original night race

Singapore, September 19th 2019.- Carlos Sainz has arrived at the city-state of Singapore, which this weekend will play host to the fifteenth round of the 2019 Formula One season at the Marina Bay Street Circuit.

The Singaporean race is not just the first of the seven overseas Grand Prixes that remain in the calendar, but also the first night venue in the history of the sport. Since its maiden event in 2018, it has established itself as one of the most spectacular locations of the year.

This is usually a good race for Carlos, who has scored points in three of his four visits to the Marina Bay. He finished fourth back in 2017, where he made the most of a difficult Grand Prix that started in wet conditions to clinch what remains to this day his best result in the series.

The Spaniard is seventh in the Drivers’ Championship with 25 points over his nearest competitor. McLaren is fourth in the Constructors’ with an edge of 28 points over his rivals.

The tyres available for the weekend are the C3, the C4 and the C5, which will be identified as the hard, the medium and the soft compounds respectively. Carlos will have two sets of the hardest option, two of the intermediate one and nine of the fastest.


"I like Street circuits and Singapore is one of them. We are bringing some upgrades this weekend and we want to see how they perform. We know this is a low-grip track, with many bumps and slow corners. We are aware that the tarmac will evolve a lot throughout the weekend. The next races will be decisive for the Championship. My confidence both at the wheel and with the team couldn’t be higher".