Jul 7, 2016

Carlos Sainz: “Silverstone is a good circuit for us”

He works together with the team to make the most out of any new opportunity

Silverstone, July 7th 2016.- Carlos Sainz is prepared to face the British Grand Prix, one of the classic highlights on the calendar. Long straights and medium-fast turns compose the track where it all begun for Formula 1 66 years and 2 months ago with its first race ever.

Regarding last year, the only changes made to the track are its kerbs, which now are black. Carlos is motivated for this event after recovering last week from a difficult weekend in Austria with one of his best performances ever in Formula 1. He likes the idea of improving his performance in Silverstone, as it's one of his favorite tracks. 

"Spain remains as my home race, then comes Austria as it's Red Bull's. This may be my third home race, as I live in London and I feel attached to this place. I've travelled a lot to Milton Keynes for the last six or seven years, the same goes for Silverstone, where I feel at home. This is where I tested in F1 for the first time. The fourth home race would be Italia, as it's where I spent my childhood in karting. Monza is quite close to factory, so there's a lot of people of Faenza there. These are my four home races: Barcelona is the best one, but I do love this weekend too".

The characteristics of this track seem to suit the Toro Rosso STR11, despite its long straights. "Silverstone is a good Grand Prix for us, as there are many fast turns and we know that our car is good there. But we know that here straights are important, and so is Top Speed. I hope we can run our full aerodynamics so we can be just as fast as in Barcelona".

Carlos also spoke about the upgrades scheduled for his car, which will arrive soon but not in Silverstone. "The aerodynamics upgrades have been delayed for a bit, but they are very close. I think there are some parts that should arrive for the last two races before the summer break, which should help us make a step forward and move closer to the Force Indias and resist the push from McLaren, who are improving constantly race after race".

Regarding next season, Carlos explained his views on the team. "I think Toro Rosso is heading in the right direction, associating ourselves with Red Bull is a positive thing. Red Bull has one of the best rear-ends on the grid. I also fully trust James Key and his team, because they've done a marvelous job in the chassis side. We can't forget there's a big change coming from 2017. Toro Rosso got it right in 2014, just as James Key did with Force India in 2009, so I hope this help us surprise a few next year and become of team from the upper side of the grid. There's a long way to go, but I think we are in a good position for next season".

The Spaniard remarked just how much he appreciates his technical director. "If there's anybody in Toro Rosso who you'd want to keep really close, that is James Key, he is one of the key figures in the team. He is the master-mind behind our last two cars, which have fought and won against Ferrari and Mercedes powered cars. I hope James continues in Toro Rosso next year. I wish him well, but we need him for now".

Carlos feels the need to seize whatever opportunities may arise. "We've improved in many areas, in reliability, in pit-stops, strategy, but we've failed again when we couldn't fail. That may give the impression that we've not improved, but truth is we did. We must make sure that we don't do any mistakes when the time comes, these 8, 10 or 12 points can make the difference for the team in the final part of the Championship.

"We all know the level of drivers in Formula 1 and how dependent we are from our cars, but I feel like this year we could have shined. We missed a couple opportunities. I want to make sure that if we get another opportunity, we make the most out of it", Carlos insisted

Practice for the British GP will commence tomorrow with the FP1 session, 11:00 Spanish time. As usual, we will follow it via www.carlosainz.es and our Twitter account @carlosainzinfo.