Sep 1, 2018

Carlos Sainz shines: P7 in Qualifying for the Italian GP

  • The  Spaniard of Renault celebrated his 24th birthday with the perfect  Qualifying session: P7 in Monza, the toughest circuit of all for the RS18.
  • Carlos was  the second fastest driver of the midfield and the fastest Renault.
  • He used a  rear-wing with more downforce after the team found a DRS issue on his teammate’s  during Free Practice 3.
  • Points are  the goal for the Italian GP, which will begin on Sunday at 15:10 Spanish time.


"Had  somebody told me before the weekend that I was going to be seventh on the  starting grid, I would have struggled to believe it. It was one of my best  Qualifying performances of the year, especially because how hard it is here in  a track that doesn’t suit us. I found the car again after the issues we went  through in Belgium. I felt comfortable, our fast times are out there".

"I did a  good lap in Q1 and I could already tell that I had the pace. I improved consistently  and we made it very far. The day began on a strange not, since we had to change  the rear-wing and put more downforce on it after an issue on Nico’s DRS during  Free Practice 3".

"Tomorrow  we will try and use the slipstreams, because our wing produces a lot of  downforce on the straights. Hopefully we won’t run out of them".

The Italian  GP will begin on Sunday at 15:10 Spanish time. You can follow Carlos on his  social media channels and on his website

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