Jul 29, 2018

Carlos Sainz scores two points in Hungary after a difficult race

  • Carlos started fast, but lost several places in the early stages of the  race after avoiding a Red Bull into Turn 1 and struggling with the grip of his  soft tyres.
  • He was stuck in traffic after pitting too soon overcut by some rivals,  who pitted later and gained time in the process.
  • Carlos’ ninth place means two more points for the Drivers’ Championship,  where he is now back again in the Top 10.


"We know that our car struggles more than the rest when it’s a hot day, that’s  why we chose to start on soft tyres. As a consequence of that, my first lap was  difficult against the cars on ultrasofts. When it all settled, we play safe  with the tyres. Shortly after I started to push, the team chose to pit. We rejoined  in traffic and that cost us several places against the cars that pitted later. We  will go through what happened to prevent it from happening again".

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