May 27, 2018

Carlos Sainz saves one point in a tough Monaco GP

The biggest difficulties on his way were his race-strategy and the degradation of the ultrasoft compound.

  • Carlos finishes tenth in the Monaco GP, scores a point to strengthen his ninth place in the Drivers’ Championship. He suffered a lot with the degradation of the ultrasoft compound.
  • His team prepared a one-stop strategy. He changed from hypersofts to ultrasoft, resisting 62 laps on the latter.
  • He let by his teammate Nico Hülkenberg to protect a good result for the Renault team.


"We didn’t have a good race. Changing to ultrasoft tyres was a bitter moment for me. It wasn’t the best decision, because I expected the degradation that we ended up experiencing. In the beginning we were very harsh to the front tyres. We don’t know exactly why, so we changed soon to ultrasofts. But there was a long way to go still. We must learn from what has happened and try to use it to our advantage to improve as a team".

Commeting on the moment he let his teammate through, Carlos said: "Our race was already lost before that. The key thing was the degradation of the ultrasoft compound. Obviously, the team’s priority is to score points. I did what I could to contribute to that goal. With Nico’s points and mine, we have more points than McLaren".

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