Sep 7, 2016

Carlos Sainz receives a special gift: his first cadet kart

His former team boss promised him he would give it to him if he reached Formula One

Madrid, September 7th 2016.- Carlos Sainz has enjoyed a very special day. Before returning to his house in London to prepare the Singapore GP, the driver from Scuderia Toro Rosso travelled to Madrid to meet José Luis Alemany and his son Jesús, leaders of the Alemany Team, who presented him with the first kart that the Spaniard used to race back in his cadet days, in 2006.

The meeting took place at the Carlos Sainz Center, at Las Rozas, and Carlos even drove a few laps around the track on the little kart he drove to the Madrid Cadet Championship ten years ago.

Alemany Team has cleaned it and prepared it carefully to fulfill a promise that José Luis made to Carlos ten years ago. “I always told him that we would give him this kart as a gift if he made it to Formula One one day. He made his part, so it was our turn. Thank you very much for this happiness, both in karting and in your entire driving career”.

Carlos felt very happy with the present. “I want to thank José Luis and Jesús for this great gesture they’ve had with me. I will never forget my first races with them, my first Championship. I recall these good old days when we won the Madrid Championship, these days of tough practice are part of my youth as a driver. Now I live in London so it’s better that I keep it safe in Spain, but I’d like to have it with me at my house one day”.