carlos sainz
Apr 22, 2020

Carlos Sainz races for a good cause with Juegaterapia

Charity project during the lockdown

Madrid, April 21 2020.- Carlos Sainz and Juegaterapia have joined efforts once again to make the lockdown a little bit more enjoyable for kids with cancer. The McLaren driver has shared a virtual race with a young fan, to whom he sent a video message before battling on track on Gran Turismo Sport.

Juegaterapia donates consoles, tablets and videogames to pediatric wards of various Spanish hospitals, just so the little ones can have a good time while they are in treatment. This effort continues despite the lockdown. Amid the coronavirus crisis, the foundation has launched the ‘¿Echamos una partida?’ (Shall we play?) campaign, bringing together athletes and their hospitalized fans. It is supported by PlayStation.

Carlos has worked with Juegaterapia from his early days in Formula 1, and in this occasion, he turned on his PlayStation4 to share some moments with Alex, a 13-year old kid who is a great supporter of the Spanish driver and of Formula 1. He sent him a video message and he talked to him during the race.

Carlos: "We can help in so many ways in this difficult time. I am in touch with my friends at Juegaterapia. They work with hospitalized kids, kids who are receiving chemotherapy, to try and ease their stay at the hospital. I raced one of those boys, Alex, and we had a really good time. Everything counts to try and make these days easier, especially for them. I encourage everyone to do what’s in their hand to help".

María José Jara, director of Projects at Juegaterapia: "It is a very personal experience for the kids. We can’t be in the hospitals at the moment and we can’t be with them as we would normally be, so we’ve managed to find a way to continue playing with them. We asked a few athletes who are admired by the kids and they joined straight away. Carlos has been a long-term collaborator of us and he didn’t hesitate a moment".

Besides working with Juegaterapia, Carlos has donated a racing suit that has been auctioned for more thans 9.000 euros by the ACB #LaMejorAsistencia, with all the proceedings going to the campaign #NuestraMejorVictoria, launched by Pau Gasol and Rafael Nadal. Carlos has also donated to the cause. The Spaniard has also raised funds for the Red Cross by appearing in several charity races in Gran Turismo Sport for PlayStation4.