Sep 27, 2020

Carlos Sainz retires from Russian GP: “My mistake, a shame”

Sochi, Sunday 27th September 2020
- Race: DNF

  • Carlos retired from the race after an accident on the opening lap. He was not able to carry on given that the front suspension was broken after crashing against the wall.
  • The McLaren driver touched the wall on the inside of Turn 2, after being forced to travel between the bollards arranged for those who leave the track. In the case of Carlos, he was at the run-off area because he had another car on the inside going into the first breaking zone.

“First of all, apologies to the team for the mistakes I made today. It was not a good start, because there was very little grip on the dirty side of the great. All the cars that started from the right-hand side ended up having bad starts. Then Perez closed the door on me into Turn 1 and I had to lift a bit. I was able to brake very late into Turn 2, but I had a car on the inside and I decided to go through the run-off area. But I approached the bollards from a very closed angle, I misjudged my entry speed and I was not able to brake the car on time. It was my mistake, it is a shame. I don’t know what result we could have scored today, but at least we would have fought on track. I had already been through the bollards in Free Practice 1, but this time the angle was very closed and I just crashed. From today we will only focus on Nürburgring”.

Eifel GP, Nürburgring – 9th-11th October 2020

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