Sep 1, 2019

A technical issue leaves Carlos Sainz aside of the Belgian GP

  • Carlos' power-unit started to fail in the formation lap and caused his retirement two laps into the race.
  • The anti-stall kicked-in both at the start and at the pit-stop the McLaren driver performed at the end of his first lap.
  • Carlos tried to continue, but he felt a loss of power that ultimately forced his retirement.


"Obviously it is disappointing to have a power-unit issue at the formation lap and not be able to take the start of the race. We have to look into what happened today. I can’t say much more. Lando’s retirement on the last lap is also a hard blow for us. It has prevented us from getting another 10 points in the Championship that would have been another big step in the right direction. I am sorry for the entire team. We didn’t deserve these two DNF. Lando’s pace in the race was good and showed there was a lot more to grab than just zero points".

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