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Nov 30, 2018

Carlos Sainz, patron of the Great Food Collection of Madrid

The McLaren driver and his father have actively collaborated with the charity campaign

Madrid, 30th of November 2018.- Carlos Sainz was today another volunteer at the Great Food Collection of Madrid, a charity campaign of which both him and his father are patrons. Both attended the first day of this action, promoted by the Madrid Foodbank.

Carlos and his father, Carlos Sainz Sr, spent the morning lending a helping hand in a supermarket in Las Tablas, Madrid, where they contributed to the inauguration of the sixth edition of this charity campaign, organized each year by the Madrid Foodbank . It is the most important charity campaign in the Community of Madrid.

The Spaniard of McLaren talked to the clients of the supermarket to inform them about the campaign and invite them to participate. To do this, they only had to donate part of their grocery shopping, preferably food that lasts a long time, such as milk or pasta.

The food collected will now be taken to the warehouse of the Madrid Foodbank, where it will be classified and conserved until the charity delivers it to the people in need.

The Great Food Collection is an operation that takes place in the entire Community of Madrid between the 30th of November and the 1st and 2nd of December. Its goal is to collect 2.700.000 kilos of food, which the Madrid Foodbank will use to help more than 165.000 people."Sometimes it takes a small detail to make a difference", Carlos said. “This is why it is so important that we the people of Madrid take part in the Great Food Collection campaign to help those in need. The Madrid Foodbank does a remarkable job and contributing to it is the least we can do. Hopefully one day actions like this one won't be needed".

Among those attending the event were Francisco García González, president of the Madrid Foodbank, as well as a big team of volunteers that will try to accomplish or even surpass the goals of the campaign..