Jan 12, 2016

Carlos Sainz opens 2016 pre-season with a maximal effort test

He has improved some parameters regarding the past test in 2015

Carlos Sainz has already begun his pre-season to be fully prepared for the first test on track at Circuit of Barcelona-Catalunya starting February 22nd.

In order to achieve this, the Spaniard underwent a complete test at OHP medical center of Reebok Sports Club in Madrid. He was checked up by his doctor Maria Jesus Nuñez Martin and her assistant Iria Rodriguez Ponce.

The purpose was to evaluate how the body responses when enduring physical effort. This is how doctors determine your anaerobic threshold, that is, the moment where the muscles require energy consumption without carbohydrates being completely oxidized and therefore begin to save lactic acid.

To determine those thresholds is crucial to design an specific routine and to identify the ideal intensity for his Formula 1 trainings.

State-of-the-art technology
The stress test can be done with more or less detail. Carlos underwent the most complete version, with body gas consumption measurement and an ECG to evaluate how his heart responses. To understand all the data, the interpretation from a specialist like Dr. Martin Nuñez is essential.

This test studies the body reaction during a controlled physical effort where intensity rises until the point of maximum effort for each individual. During the process, some values are measured to evaluate how the organism responses: Oxygen consumption, heart rate, lactic acid levels, blood pressure, etc.

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Better than 2015

Results and the threshold achieved were completely satisfactory, so Carlos can keep training to his full capacity. He was always at the expected levels for a high-level athlete and he has even improved his oxygen consumption, heart rate and watts levels comparing to the same test last year.

In addition, he went through a test that offers a deeper study of the athelete conditions and offers a number of advices to enhance performance with no risk. Rupert Manwaring will be Carlos daily counselor as his new coach and will travel with him around the world to work together on his training routines.

Now Carlos has all the info he needs to start training and jump into 2016 pre-season at his highest level.