Mar 17, 2020

A message from Carlos to his team and fans

Isolated at his home, the Spaniard sends a message to the members of McLaren Racing

Madrid, 17 April 2020.- Carlos Sainz has come back home from Australia. He has sent a message to his fans and expressed his support to the entire McLaren Racing team, especially those who had to stay in Melbourne in quarantine. The rest of the team, Carlos included, has voluntarily adopted this precaution. They will continue working at their homes until the start of the Championship is defined.

Be responsible and stay positive these days!#StayAtHome

I also wanted to send positive vibes to @McLarenF1 team & all the members that stayed in quarantine.

— Carlos Sainz (@Carlossainz55) March 17, 2020


Hello everyone, I am back home!

Upon the cancellation of the Australian Grand Prix, I have returned home and kept myself very busy rearranging everything, but I wanted to take this opportunity to send you this message.

As some of you already know, one member of the McLaren team tested positive for coronavirus. All around the world the entire team has willingly gone into a 15-day quarantine, myself included.

At the moment I feel perfectly fine, but as you are aware that doesn’t necessarily mean that I am not infected or that I can’t develop the symptoms going forward. For the sake of everybody, it is very important to be responsible and follow the guidelines of the experts.
I would like to take this opportunity to remember you all of the importance of taking this matter seriously and encourage you to behave in a responsible way.
I want to thank and express my support to the professionals working at the hospitals, at the pharmacies, groceries stores and markets, and to the police officers and other security forces. I want to thank everyone who is helping in this situation.

My thoughts go to everyone, but especially those coping with the virus either at a hospital or at home, either in Spain or around the world. It is our responsibility to try and improve the situation as soon as possible.

Now that I am at home, I will try and keep you updated on my daily routines just so we can get through the day and keep in touch.

Best and lots of energy.