Feb 9, 2016

Carlos Sainz, mechanic for a day at Faenza

The Scuderia Toro Rosso drivers puts himself in the shoes of his pit-crew

It is good to promote team spirit in any possible situation, even more now that teams face the dawn of a new season. With this goal in mind, Carlos Sainz was involved in a team-building session at the factory of Scuderia Toro Rosso, where he put himself in the shoes of his mechanics to help them during their pit-stop training.

Carlos flied from London to Faenza to take part in a series of meetings to discover the details of the brand new STR11, as well as the technical details of the Ferrari engine. In the middle of his busy schedule, the Spanish driver and his teammate Max Verstappen found some time to go to the pit-crew area and lend a hand to the men that will take care of their tyres on track.

Sainz assumed the control of the front right wheel. To be more precise, he was the mechanic that waited for the single-seater to stop so he could then grab the tyre and pull it off as soon as its nut was loosened. He wore reflecting gloves, which on track are useful because they help drivers to identify the point where they have to stop when they approach the Pit-Lane.

Pit-stops are a crucial moment of every race, this is why teams practice them even outside the circuits. Because refueling is banned, the tyre change operation is what determines how much time a car will spend inside the Pit-Lane. The more teams practice this situation, the more they can improve and become quicker.