May 25, 2018

Carlos Sainz laps Monaco… with his father!

Renault exhibition with his teammate Nico Hülkenberg and Alain Prost

Monte-Carlo, 25th of May 2018.- In Monaco there is no Formula One on Friday. Free Practice 1 and 2 were held on Thursday and track-action won’t resume until Saturday, so today all drivers used their time to work together with his engineers and talk to the fans, who in 2018 have come in great numbers.

Today Carlos Sainz drove a Renault R.S.01 in the twistiest circuit of the calendar. Carlos took part in a Renault road show around the streets of Monaco in company of his teammate Nico Hülkenberg and four-time world champion Alain Prost. The three of them had fun with their supercars.

The livery of the cars of the official drivers resembled their helmets, so Carlos’ RS01 had a big 55 in the sides and the Spanish flag. After a formation lap, Prost joined the party. The three of them took part in a mini-race around Monaco, in which Carlos and his teammate pushed hard. Prost preferred to watch from a distance.

Hülkenberg and Prost got out of their R.S.01 as they returned to the pits, but Carlos didn’t. The Spaniard picked-up his father, who sat on the co-driver seat, not the usual seat for the two-time world rally champion and two-time Dakar champion. Jr said they both enjoyed the experienced. “I had a great time. I already knew the R.S.01 from other tests. It is fast and it has a beautiful sound, plus I managed to get myself a co-driver! My father accepted the challenge and we both had a lot of fun. Maybe we will have to share an on-board video of the car…”

Formula One action will resume on Saturday with the third and final Free Practice session, which will begin at 12:00 local time. Qualifying will follow three hours later. Saturday is crucial in this Grand Prix, since overtaking in the race is extremely challenging. You will be able to follow Carlos’ progress via his social media channels and