Jan 31, 2016

Carlos Sainz: “I know what I have to do, my goal is to be in Red Bull”

He talks about his goals, the future of Toro Rosso and his life as a driver

Carlos Sainz knows that 2016 will be crucial for his future in Formula One. The Spanish driver is ready to take part in his second season with Toro Rosso and he is aware that Red Bull doesn't usually keep the same driver line-up in his b-team for more than two seasons. He has to deliver in order to prove he deserves a place in Milton Keynes. To fulfill that dream, Carlos wants to impress but also make the most out of the potential he couldn't show in 2015 because of the frequent reliability issues.

"I know what I have to do to impress and create that ‘talent' aura you need to go to Red Bull. I am sure the team wants the same from me. They haven't set me any particular goals, but my real objective is to be in Red Bull. I would sign right now to be there next year. If you do well, they give you the opportunity. And Red Bull will be fighting for victories or podiums. I have fulfilled my dream of being in Formula One, so now winning is my goal and it would be a dream if it could be with Red Bull", he said during a meeting with the Spanish press at Red Bull Spain headquarters.

Sainz feels this one will be his year. In 2015, he suffered seven DNF, most of them because of the Renault engine. For this championship, his car will use an engine created by Ferrari. The lack of reliability and power should now be gone. In fact, Toro Rosso says that a fifth place in the Constructors' Championship is a realistic goal. Carlos' goal is simple: to deliver and make the most out of his car.

"I think it will be better than 2015, we can only do better. We are already very close to the downforce potential of the car, but in terms of power we will give a step forward with the Ferrari engine. I am sure I will also improve my performance. This year will be a challenge, but I am not afraid".

"Formula One is a sport where you don't only depend on yourself, you have to rely on other factors. Bad luck made me have a tough year in 2015, but I made a good impression. Not too many drivers have had a rookie season with seven DNF, but if people tell me anyway that I did well, it is good. I believe time will give me back the points I lost last year".

Carlos Sainz regrets that nowadays the motorsport fanbase doesn't consider Formula One drivers as heroes, as it used to be in the past. His amazing comeback after his crash at the Russian Grand Prix was a silver lining and a human touch in a world often robotized by complex regulations and political correctness. He feels that the Grand Prix Drivers' Association (GPDA) can and will push for a change.

"We as drivers have lost some of that ‘heroes' aura we used to have. If you watch MotoGP, you still see that risk factor. If Marquez falls, he gets up and carries on. That's what makes you say ‘this guy is a hero'. In Formula One it is much more difficult to appreciate that factor because the cars are slower and luckily there are less accidents. If there is one team that keeps on winning, people may get a bad perception of Formula One. We as drivers are trying to change it together with the GPDA and I hope that in 2017 it will be more appealing to the fans thanks to the wider tyres. They are starting to listen to us. They have to, because we are the ones behind the wheel, the drivers".