Jan 5, 2016

Carlos Sainz farewells 2015 surrounded by meerkats with Television Española

His report was the most watched moment of 2015 last news program on Spanish TV

After an intense year that has been a turning point in his career, Carlos Sainz spent his last day of 2015 in a peculiar way: surrounded by meerkats.

The Spanish journalist Maria Escario wanted Carlos to go back to his childhood during a report for 'Enfoque', her space on Spanish television 'La 1'. During the program they talked about Timon, the funny meerkat in The Lion King, a character that shares many values with the Spanish driver.

"Watchful, fast, familiar... I also like being that way. Everyone has a little Peter Pan inside, and who does not like Timon and Pumbaa? Being here is like the icing on the cake. If it has been a good year, to finish it hanging out with meerkats is ideal", said Carlos in 'Enfoque', a TV space that gives a closer and deeper look to the sports to find its personal side. This moment was the most watched with 2,3 million viewers and 21% audience share, 4 points above the average of the TV news.

Looking to 2016, Carlos hopes that "everyone going through a hard time is able to overcome it and achieve their dreams". His goal on the track is clear: "To have the best year of my racing career", a year that will have 21 races, the longest calendar in Formula 1 history.

Maria Escario and him toasted for this New Year resolution. "It is a crucial year for my career, it is important to make a good season from the beginning to the end", said the Spaniard.

In 2015, he achieved his first big goal in motorsport: getting into Formula 1. And it is just as he expected: "The dream has been fulfilled 100%. Formula 1 is just as I expected. I am living a dream and I do not change it for anything", he confessed.

But it is not a recent goal. Maria Escario made Carlos look back when he was seven years old and he already knew he wanted to be a racing driver. He took his first steps in his father's go kart track with the only purpose of having fun, but after not too long the desire to compete and win appeared.

Back to that first stage, Carlos cannot help feeling emotional: "Whenever I walk through that door, it comes to my mind so many memories of my first races, my first steps in a go kart, how much I enjoyed it... and every time I come home, I remember when I went to see my father and I told him: 'Hey, I've had a great time... let's start taking it a bit more seriously'".

Carlos took as his own his father's ability to work and sacrifice to get into the elite of motorsport: "He was supporting me all the time, and reminding me I had to work hard, to make sacrifices and have a good attitude so one day I could be the best". He also had some words for Reyes, his mother, who has supported him throughout his career: "Everyone talks about my father but I think the real hero is my mother. To support a child who started loving cars when he was two years old, who made his first spins so early and then started doing it professionally... With no doubts, she is the hero in our home", he finished.