May 23, 2018

Carlos Sainz arrives at Monaco: “I dreamed of this circuit when I was a kid”

Bravery and precision, required skills to drive around Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo, 23rd of May 2018.- Carlos Sainz has arrived at the city of Monte Carlo, home this weekend to the most peculiar and glamourous race in the Formula 1 calendar: the Monaco GP.

Carlos makes it to the Côte d’Azur after clinching a well-earned seventh place at the Spanish GP, a result which enabled him to move up to tenth in the Drivers’ Championship while his team, Renault Sport Formula One Team, took the fourth place in the Constructors’ standings. Now the Spaniard looks forward to a very peculiar Grand Prix in which mechanical grip is more important than power-unit pure performance. Downforce is also a bit less important in such a unique stage.

Monte Carlo’s racing heritage dates back to 1929, the year when it held its very first race. Its 3,337 metres-long circuit is full of narrow streets and twisty corners. It is all but forgiving, since the slightest mistake means a crash into the wall.

The tyres available for the weekend are the supersoft, the ultrasoft and the hypersoft, the latter making its racing debut this weekend. Carlos will have one set of the red compound, one of the purple one and eleven from the pink, which will be the preferred option both in Qualifying and during the race, since it is the compound with the best overall performance and the Monegasque asphalt isn’t very abrasive. 

This isn’t Carlos first trip to Monaco this year, since he visited the country in January during the Rally Monte Carlo, where he drove in the final two stages at the wheel of a Renault Mégane R.S. Now it’s the time to race in one of his favourite Formula One weekends.

“Monaco is one of my favourite races. When I was a child and I followed Formula 1, I dreamt of driving around this circuit. Monaco is up there with the Spanish GP as a dream-victory for me in the future. I like street circuits. These tracks require skills like bravery and precision, I really enjoy them”.
“Monaco can be a representative race of our chassis performance. I think we have a good car. In the Spanish Q3, we were P7 in the final sector. It may be a good sign, although Monte Carlo is always a bit different”.
“Maybe Monte Carlo is the race in which the Saturday plays a major role, but I don’t dislike it. I like the fact that there are different types of races in the calendar, the fact that some Saturdays are more important than others. Qualifying is so spectacular that it is worth to pay the price of a race where is harder to overtake”.