Feb 7, 2016

Carlos Sainz answers all his British fans’ questions

Journalist James Allen interviewed the driver with his followers’ concerns

Carlos Sainz has had an intense first year in Formula 1 and also full of learning. 2016 is called to be his consolidation year. His excellent performance on this debut year and his prospects for the new season have raised his fans' interest and some of them have been able to ask their questions directly to Carlos thanks to the British sports journalist James Allen, who decided to make an interview to the Spanish driver on his personal website.

Carlos is confident about his preparation to be successful in Formula 1. Asked about how is to be Max Verstappen's team-mate and dealing with all the comparisons about their performances as rookies, he thinks they are very close in driving performance.

"We have been very close. That is very positive for me because people rate him very highly and if he really is as good as everybody says he is - and I personally think he is very good- that means that I must not be very far off. It puts a smile on my face to see that I am up there".

About his driving style, Carlos believes one has to know when to be conservative and when to be aggressive, because to use both of those approaches properly is the basis of success for a driver.

"I like being both ways, but each one at the right time. When you are fightning for a Championship you need to be conservative, while driving aggressively is more useful when you are trying to overtake or making a good qualifying lap. But if you use those approaches in the right way, you will be a good driver", he explained.

Inside the car, Carlos says he has learned to drive instinctively and he does not think about the next corner or what gear he needs, although he confessed it is something he had to think about the first time he drove a Formula 1 car in Silverstone.

"I never think about a corner, it comes automatically. When there are many turns in a row you do not have time to think, you just do it by instinct. My first time in a Formula 1 car at Silverstone, was the only time I had to think about gears and the only time I had to anticipate a little bit because the car had so much downforce and it was so reactive that I was getting up onto the kerbs too much", said to another fan.

After visiting 19 tracks in his debut season, Carlos has fallen in love with Japanese circuit Suzuka. At this track he led for the first time an official practice session, being the fastest driver under the rain in Free Practice 1. He also made one of his best races of the year in terms of performance, scoring one point despite breaking his front wing.

"Suzuka has become one of my favourite tracks along with Silverstone and Spa. I really got on well with Japanese people and I just loved that weekend", admitted.

Looking forward to 2016, Carlos hopes to improve his personal performance starting from winter testing, and he is optimistic about Toro Rosso's car for this new season.

"If I look at my personal performance, I am confident and optimistic. I always give big steps in winter and I made another big step last year, so I am confident. I just cannot wait to see the car Toro Rosso is building for us", he finished.