Carlos Sainz con Uriel
Sep 21, 2018

Carlos Sainz and Uriel make a little wish come true

Madrid, September 21st 2018.- Making it to Formula One is a dream come true for any aspiring racing driver. Carlos Sainz is one of the few ones who have managed to accomplish it, and soon will embark himself on what will be his fifth year in the series. Maybe it is because of this that he has a special sympathy for those who pursue their dreams.

Carlos met Uriel at the paddock of the Spanish GP thanks to the magic wand of the Fundación Pequeño Deseo (Small Wish Foundation). Uriel is a car enthusiast and a great Formula One supporter. He knows the script of the movie of Lightning McQueen and always dreamed about wandering down the Pit-Lane on his wheelchair. He was able to do so back in May, when together with his family he travelled to the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya to get to know first-hand the fastest cars in the world.

When the Fundación Pequeño Deseo told Carlos that Uriel had arrived, the driver made room on his busy schedule to show him around the pits, give him an autographed cap and take a lot of photos together.

Making Uriel’s dream come true was a pleasure for Carlos: "The day to day routine of a Formula One driver can be stressing at times, that’s why I always try to find some quality time like the one I spent with Uriel at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. I was really impressed by his passion for Formula One and by his energy, despite all the difficulties. Foundations like Pequeño Deseo are essential to help kids who live tough lives. Playing my part was a pleasure".



The Fundación Pequeño Deseo was founded in 2000 as a non-profit organization. Its goal is to make true the dreams of little boys and little girls who suffer chronic diseases or have been given a serious diagnose. The Foundation tries and makes them happy so they can cope with their illness better.

It is worried about making hospitals a more welcoming place, and as such it supports activities such as decorating hospital rooms, organizing activities for the children, trips… and even visits to the Formula One paddock.