Jan 25, 2016

Ask Carlos Sainz on Twitter using #Carlosainzresponde

Online meeting thanks to Red Bull Spain

Do you have any question for Carlos Sainz? You're in luck! The Spanish driver and Red Bull Spain are preparing a meeting with all of you on Twitter next January 26th.

Carlos has found time on his preseason schedule to meet his fans online. Red Bull has figured out how to do it in a much more personal way. Carlos will read on Twitter all their fans' questions and he will have the chance to answer without the 140 characters limitation, because he will answer them directly on video.

It's easy to participate: you just have to write a tweet using the hashtag #Carlosainzresponde. From all the questions received, Carlos will choose as many as possible on January 26th and, from the offices of Red Bull Spain, he will post a video answering each one. Pay attention, because the answers will only be visible on @RedBullESP Twitter account.