Aug 28, 2016

An unlucky puncture ruins Carlos Sainz's race in Belgium after recovering seven places at the start

He will try to recover next week at the Italian GP

Francorchamps, August 28th 2016.- The Belgium Grand Prix was much shorter than expected for Carlos Sainz, as he suffered a puncture in the second lap that moments later evolved into a tyre failure that forced him to retire even though he had already regained seven places since the start.

The driver from Scuderia Toro Rosso had started the race from the fourteenth place, but by the first turn he was up to eleventh. He was ninth as he approached the following braking-point and he had still time to overtake another two cars before crossing the line. Just a few moments later, he went over some debris on his way to Eau Rouge and it was then when Carlos noticed he had suffered a puncture in the rear-left tyre, which failed seconds later. Despite Carlos spectacular start, the Spaniard was forced to retire. He expressed his disappointment as he returned to the paddock:

"That was a short race for me. It's a shame because we had done a great start and that was precisely what we needed, a chaotic race with red flags and Safety-Cars. I'm quite disappointed to see myself out of the race and that there was nothing I could do to prevent it. It's so enraging to have a puncture so soon, but I'm happy that we went from 14th to 7th at the start".

Had the Virtual Safety-Car been released earlier, Carlos' puncture could have been avoided: "After such a chaotic start, the most logic thing to do is to let us race until we are at the halfway point of the circuit and then release the Virtual Safety-Car as we become a ‘train of cars’. Had the tyre failed at Eau Rouge, I could had the same crash as Magnussen. Anyway, we'll talk about that in further drivers meetings but I don't blame the FIA at all. I had a puncture at the exit of Turn 1, I went through Eau Rouge still on that puncture and then it failed at the end of the straight. There was a lot of debris, maybe it could have been anticipated a bit, it would have been useful or sure".

Carlos thought about returning to the pits after the tyre failure, but the rear-wing was broken and that ended his race. "Yes, the rear-wing broke and there was no way to continue, but until the moment I noticed that my aim was to get to the pits because I knew it was going to be a crazy race".

Losing a chance to fight for points was tough, but Carlos can recover from that very soon as next week the sport will be travelling to Italy, to the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza, where the Italy Grand Prix will be held on the 2nd, the 3rd and the 4th of September. We will follow it live via and our Twitter account @carlosainzinfo.